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The freeware game "Tucker's Adventure" [TA] has existed since 1996, in which Frakar the magician sets tasks for his hero Tucker in a dungeon full of dangers in order to get to the precious crystals.

Download Freeware-Game:
Tucker's Adventure for kids & cracks (TA2)

Version 21.01.14, 16 MB, 10 levels with a total of 31 different picture cards,
8 different types of crystals, different opponents and new challenges!


More Tuckerland-Links:
# Community - Forum: Developers and players exchange ideas on new levels.

# Level 1 - Video impression of the first level of the current version of TA2

# Trailer - video overview of the classic TA1 (dubbing german voice: Hannibal Lecter)

# TA1 - Download the classic (version from 2012 with 120 levels and 12 end bosses)

# Wikipedia - Presentation of the game "Tucker's Adventure" on Wikipedia

# YouTube - Tuckerland channel on YouTube with a focus on percussion for learning / playing along

# Notes - PDF file with a collection of music from percussion pieces

# History - Contributions from my friend Peter Unger's homeland history

# - Entry in the mailing list for news when updating the TA game and / or when uploading a new video

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